Pope Expresses Sorrow but no Apology for Church Discrimination against Histomancy

Pope Francis is in hot water for neglecting to apologize for the Catholic Church’s mistreatment of statisticians who make empirical assumptions

Deciphered Vesuvius charred scroll destroys Archeological model of Pompeii’s Hottest Seafood Fusion Restaurants

Newly discovered text of the ‘Hottest 12 Seafood Fusion Fast Casual Restaurants in Pompeii of 77 AD’ show conflicting evidence on historical models of Pompeii’s Culinary culture.

Biologists Help Release Beached Garbage Back To Ocean

On Saturday, a group of marine biologists helped release some tragically beached garbage back into the Pacific Gulf. The beached garbage had been left stranded in the Biloxi MS beach for days before anybody decided to do anything about it. “It’s so sad to see this trash on our beaches,” Said Dr. Randy Caveman ofContinue reading “Biologists Help Release Beached Garbage Back To Ocean”

Surprised Scientists Discover Life Under Illinois Bachelors Couch

Scientists have discovered flourishing life underneath an Illinois Bachelors couch. This discovery has baffled most experts as this couch hasn’t been moved in years and these creatures have been thriving and surviving on zero sunlight. There is still on going analysis as the scientists who made the discovery still don’t have any idea what theyContinue reading “Surprised Scientists Discover Life Under Illinois Bachelors Couch”