Technology for the new Space Force uniform didn’t even exist 10 years ago!

The wait is finally over, the newest branch of the U. S. Military has announced what their members will be called and wear (which is obviously more important than what they will “do”). The Guardians now have finally joined the family of Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, Marines and puddle pirates with headquarters at Patrick AFB, Florida.Continue reading “Technology for the new Space Force uniform didn’t even exist 10 years ago!”

Galactic Federation Behind the 2008 Financial Crisis

You know it’s the 2020 finale when the world finds out that the US government has been hiding extra terrestrial members of the Galactic Federation in an underground bunker on mars. What a way to end a block buster year. With the sudden appearances of the monoliths, which actually turned out to just be poop,Continue reading “Galactic Federation Behind the 2008 Financial Crisis”

Dietetic Benefits of Simple Carbohydrates and Bovine Byproduct in Low Earth Orbit

The matter of this thesis is explained simply as; we made spacey food, overfed astronauts with said food, then ruthlessly judged their physical and mental performance with nebulus exercises and fun brightly colored puzzles.

Limitations in Aerial SAR Imagery for Agriculture and Modern Relationships

Synthetic Aperture Radar is revolutionizing Agricultural GIS but this woman can barely catch her cheating husband in the act.