Netflix to make Anime Adaption of ‘Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits’

Well they’re at it again! Netflix has just announced yet another anime adaption. This time, they’re redoing The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits 6th edition. Netflix’s own marketing team crunched the numbers and realized the majority of American anime fans has at least taken one introductory engineering class which uses the book. With a widespread exposure to this text book by Roland E. Thomas, Albert J. Roa and Gregory, Netflix’s studio is about to make a ton of money off of a bunch of nostalgia.

The show is called ‘Hero Linear Circuits Academy’ and is expected to artistically follow more of a Manga style of animation. Much like Cells at work, the show will personify circuit components in an introductory circuits class. The story will follow a brash resistor Daikyu, new to the Circuit Academy who falls in love with a young inductor he meets in his class. In a struggle against voltage pressure from bully Capacitor gangs, Daikyu will be forced to analyze school social structures using Kirchhoff’s Voltage and Current laws to fight back.

Screenshot from 'Hero Linear 
Circuits Academy' trailer an Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits Anime Adaption
Screenshot from ‘Hero Linear Circuits Academy’ trailer

“Our marketing team did an extensive analysis of our Netflix Anime Adaption market from user audio data and a surprisingly large amount had at one time purchased either new or second hand The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits.” Netflix’s marketing expert Danny Weathers reported. “Considering it’s about 130$ new, these anime nerds must really love this book to spend so much money on it. The trick will be getting the adaption fun and fast paced while keeping it true to the novel. You wouldn’t believe how much these fans are sticklers for accuracy. They even get mad when the numbered homework problems are off.”

The first season of the anime adaption will reportedly elapse over Daikyu’s entire first year at circuit academy. During each episode, Daikyu will grow as a character learning a new analysis power such as Laplacian and Fourier transforms to overcome his enemies in more and more complicated AC/DC powered circuits.

'Hero Linear Circuits Academy' Season Finale leak an Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits Anime Adaption
‘Hero Linear Circuits Academy’ Season Finale leak

Most of these rabid fans are beyond excited for this action packed anime adaption. Some are worried that it will end disastrously and not live up to the extremely high expectations of Netflix’s ambitious project. This criticism has come widely after the debacle in last year’s early anime adaption of Introduction to Random Signals and Noise. “We’re a lot smarter now,” one Netflix anime studio producer commented. “We understand we made our Random Signals and Noise adaption way too absurdist. We thought an updated and fresh CGI adaption of the signals processing text book was perfect for the story. Now we know better.”

Rumors inside the studio report that the Circuits Analysis textbook anime adaption will last three series. The first series, Daikyu will battle and contend with rival first and second order RCL circuits building to a **Spoiler alert** Op Amp circuit in the finale. The second season will focus on the original second manga Microelectronic Circuits, where his rivals start P-doping and to rescue his love of his life, Daikyu will need to befriend MOSFETS. The third and final season will then follow the final series in the classic Manga Introduction to Electrodynamics where Daikyu will graduate from ‘Hero Circuit’s Academy’ and battle with the Maxwell’s syndicate in the streets of Tokyo.

The first series is finishing up in post production and expected to be streaming in mid September.

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