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This Journal-Blog is a place for people to post parody academic articles, STEM news/clickbait. We ask that you laugh at our science but not believe it. If anyone is to link one of our articles unironically, please let us know so that we can make fun of them together for being dooped. Please enjoy the writing, we aim to add as much humor as we can down to the reference section in our work.

Also, we have a book coming out soon! It comprises of 24 of our articles in partnership with Packt Publishing! https://packt.link/at4bw

If you want to subscribe to our articles but do not want to give us your email, our twitter handle is @JABDE6 and our facebook page is here. We post memes there as well. We also post articles on our sister journal the Journal of Immaterial Science at the r/ImmaterialScience subreddit! Outside of that, we sometimes leave print outs in office bathrooms, some of our articles have PDF versions for just that. Finally, if you love our research and content please consider representing the journal with awesome products from our store, or my friend’s site fakequotecoffeemugs.com they shamelessly asked me to plug on here for only 25% of the profits from traffic from this site.

Contributions and Template

This journal loves to receive unsolicited articles. If it is not quite there we may help you edit your fake science article into a true work of artistic misinformation that will have everyone in stitches. We do ask that you follow the following rules.

  1. The article must be ridiculous enough that a reasonable person will believe that it is made up.
  2. If someone were gullible enough to believe in our fake science it cannot be harmful. No demonizing people groups to include age, sex, ethnicity, gender identities, political leanings (unless you make fun of both sides equally). No information that would be dangerous to people if they were to try it.
  3. Articles must be voiced and formatted like an academic article, best to parody an existing paper. Don’t feel like you must use the voices already posted, you should find your own writing voice. Just make sure that it’s somewhat professional sounding.
  4. We are multi-disciplinary but it should be parodying a real academic study; engineering, science, biology, medical sciences, psychology, social science…

We also will accept satirical/parody clickbait and fake science news articles. The clickbait can be true and useful as long as it is funny; however it would be best to start with and full parody academic article as a contributor. If you get one published and would like to be a regular contributor, we have a discord to share ideas and collaborate.

Below is a template that I use for my own articles, we do not highly standardize the format because we’re not Nazi’s.

Word Doc Template

LaTeX Template

LaTeX Template Files Github

Please email contributions and inquiries to bmcgraw584682@gmail.com

Immaterial Science Contributions and Template

At some point late in 2023, we will compile Volume 3 of J. Immat. Sci. We intend to sell hardcopies of Volume 3, so by submitting an article to us, you consent to this and waive your copyright to your work.

Volume 1 of the journal can be downloaded here (69 MB) https://jabde.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/The-First-Edition.pdf.

Volume 2: https://jabde.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Volume-2.pdf (150 MB)

Articles should be submitted to goodenough.immaterial.science@gmail.com. Ideally, you will receive the beer reviewer’s comments within seven days of submitting. These comments will aim to make your article as funny as possible, and fix the inevitable formatting fuckups that come with our poorly designed templates. Reviewer 2 will be suitable muzzled, so don’t stress about that.

For articles of ~1.5 pages or more (~ 1000 words inc. figures), please download this template: 

For shorter articles, please use this template:

There is no minimum word count for short submissions. If your submission is very short, we’ll publish it together with other such submissions in a combined article. Please download the template and use MS Word to write your article. Google Docs can’t handle the formatting, and makes it look like shit.

Here’s a long one

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