Quantum Computing Applications in Competitive StarCraft

We created, developed, and tested a Quantum Computer specifically designed for a professional StarCraft 2 Zerg player. It was nearly unbeatable in online play.

Technology for the new Space Force uniform didn’t even exist 10 years ago!

The wait is finally over, the newest branch of the U. S. Military has announced what their members will be called and wear (which is obviously more important than what they will “do”). The Guardians now have finally joined the family of Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, Marines and puddle pirates with headquarters at Patrick AFB, Florida.Continue reading “Technology for the new Space Force uniform didn’t even exist 10 years ago!”

Waze Programmer Fired for Writing Ex’s Name in LA Traffic

If you live in Los Angeles, you may have noticed some odd traffic in the last few days. While Christmas traffic has been known to cause strange and unusually heavy conditions around the 405 and the 101, the seasonal congestion had nothing to do with the unusual traffic patterns observed last Saturday. An engineer responsibleContinue reading “Waze Programmer Fired for Writing Ex’s Name in LA Traffic”

8 Motivational Posters to Stop CCD in your Bee Hive

Teaming up with our MBA program staff, these posters promote corporate hive values while encouraging productivity and inspiring worker bees who may be tempted to leave and cause Colony Collapse Disorder

Adaptive Smart Grids for Migratory Government Drones

The proliferation of cheaply produced surveillance micro UAVs fueled by low voltage power lines and a loose interpretation of the fourth amendment has devastated America’s electric grid. This paper aims to develop a framework for creating a smart grid capable of gracefully handling unpredictable loads caused by migratory government drones.