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9 New Experiments to Detect Dark Matter

Here are new and innovative methods to detect the existence of Dark Matter, which supposedly makes up 85% of the universe and hasn’t been found.

Grad Student Births Graph after 9 months of Labor

Cranberry-Lemon mathematics grad student Jane Simmons is a proud mother of a brand new graph. Despite her doctor and advisor’s due date of six months ago, it took Jane 9 months of labor and gestation to birth the new graph.

Surprised Scientists Discover Life Under Illinois Bachelors Couch

Scientists have discovered flourishing life underneath an Illinois Bachelors couch. This discovery has baffled most experts as this couch hasn’t been moved in years and these creatures have been thriving and surviving on zero sunlight. There is still on going analysis as the scientists who made the discovery still don’t have any idea what theyContinue reading “Surprised Scientists Discover Life Under Illinois Bachelors Couch”

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