Proto-Platypus Species Generative Modeling: Search for the Ancestors of Nature’s Most Diverse Creature

Using misunderstood AI tools, this paper generates evolutionary models of a proto-platypus species. Conclusion: God made the Platypus.

Ecological Impacts of Re-releasing Tourists into Yellowstone

This study has shown that reintroducing tourists into the fragile North American environment has caused a domino effect which will cause the eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano and end the Age of America.

Biologists Help Release Beached Garbage Back To Ocean

On Saturday, a group of marine biologists helped release some tragically beached garbage back into the Pacific Gulf. The beached garbage had been left stranded in the Biloxi MS beach for days before anybody decided to do anything about it. “It’s so sad to see this trash on our beaches,” Said Dr. Randy Caveman ofContinue reading “Biologists Help Release Beached Garbage Back To Ocean”

8 Motivational Posters to Stop CCD in your Bee Hive

Teaming up with our MBA program staff, these posters promote corporate hive values while encouraging productivity and inspiring worker bees who may be tempted to leave and cause Colony Collapse Disorder

Tracking International Terrorism with Mycorrhizal Networks

Common Mycorrhizal Networks are being used to spread radical religious ideology. This paper shows how we tracked it and decoded the tree language.