The Dincus and Nimbius Californicus Species Effects on Nine-Banded Armadillo Migration Patterns

a screaming hairy armadillo

Dr. Everette “Buckets” Boone

1 Department of Texas History, Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Despite Austin’s welcoming environment and natural habitat, the local Nine-Banded Armadillo appears to be migrating Northwards at an accelerated rate due to invasive Californicus species. While originally attracted to the abundant nesting locations throughout South and Central Texas, environmentalists have measured a mysterious drop in the Armadillo population in the last two years. In recent history, many Armadillos have migrated North into Texas from Mexico to escape environmental and economic hardship, and due to a blossoming Texas tech sector. Some experts believe that they have now become priced out and forced to move further North due to a more crowded environment as well as the introduction of new natural predators. This paper will review the original cause of the Armadillo’s migration into Austin Texas as well as the recent environmental changes forcing the North American Xenarthra species to the Dallas Fort-Worth area and worse, Tulsa.

Keywords: Armadillos, Dincus Californicus, Nimbius Californicus, Migration, Climate Change, Cilantro Poisoning

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