8 Motivational Posters to Stop CCD in your Bee Hive

Since the 1970s, the American agricultural community has been struggling to maintain healthy bee populations due to the dangers of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Scientists still can’t agree on what is the cause behind this pattern in disappearing bee hives. They can however agree on the symptom and signs.

While problems with the queen can cause a declining bee population, CCD occurs when the worker Bees begin to disappear or generally slack off. Whether the cause is pesticides, disease, parasites or simply climate change, our top Bee specialists at the Cranberry-Lemon agricultural division have created these motivational posters to prevent CCD.

Teaming up with our MBA program staff, these posters promote corporate hive values while encouraging productivity and inspiring worker bees who may be tempted to leave the hive for a road trip up and down the West Coast or through hike the Appalachian trail in a journey of self discovery. That’s the sort of day dream that will halt the benefits of cross pollination our society is built on.

Motivational Bee Poster: You have to Bee-lieve to achieve

Many worker Bees leave the hive because they don’t Bee-lieve in themselves. We’ve seen that after we put up this poster in a hive, Bees stop questioning who they are and just get back to nectar collection and honey production.

Motivational Bee Poster: You only get one sting, don't use it out of anger

In this hyper partisan time, many worker Bees will often make the mistake of letting anger take over. One of the easiest ways of saving a worker Bee is saving them from their own anger.

Motivational Bee Poster: the first ingredient in honey isn't pollen, it's teamwork

When more bees die or become sluggish to all the environmental problems seen in the 21st century, teamwork can become the first casualty. As soon as teamwork goes, the hive goes. There are so many small jobs that go into honey production we just can’t have that.

Motivational Bee Poster: A busy bee is a happy bee, get back to work

Whether it’s the parasites or pesticides, it’s not easy being a Bee in the 21st century. It’s just really frustrating! The less they think about all the modern problems and just keep working, the happier they will be.

Motivational Bee Poster: A bee is a patriot if his heart beats to queen and colony

If there’s anything the 20th century has taught us, it’s that nationalism can do wonders to unite a community and increase industrial productivity. With the Western Honey bee’s monoculture, encouraging an extreme form of nationalism was an obvious decision.

Motivational Bee Poster: Great hives are never the result of selfishness but are built on the sacrifice of the brave

It can be dangerous to be a Bee, but a hive can’t survive without taking individual or collective risks. If it weren’t for a clump of worker bees, there’s no way a colony could defend itself from the invasive murder hornet with their defensive bee ball of heat technique. This poster reminds every bee that they may have to sacrifice it all so that when the time comes, there’s no hesitation.

It's not the nectar on the flower that counts. It's the nectar that makes it back to the hive

Leaving the nationalistic note, this poster helps bees remember that results are the most important thing in their lives. Even if 50% of all worker bees disappear, that won’t matter if the remaining 50% bring 100% more results!

Motivational Bee Poster: Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is Success. -Henry Ford

There’s no better human analogy to bees than a Henry Ford quote! This one really gets to the core of it. It’s all about coming together as a unified hive and working together.

I hope these motivational posters help keep your hive from suffering from CCD and we can finally start fighting back!

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