The Pirate Kitty Theory: How a House Cat Being let out led to the Extinction of the Dodo Bird

Dr. David Summers1 , Booyah2

1 Department of Cat Ecology, Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2 Indian Ocean Ecological Department, Greater Somali-East Indies Academic Society of Pirates and Scallywags, Mozambique, Somalia


It may not have been the Dutch settlements, or the 17th century sailors, but one of the sailor’s cats who killed the Dodo. The Dodo is a flightless bird universally used as a symbol for extinct animals. It lived undisturbed on the remote island of Mauritius and looked like it couldn’t survive modern life. Because of the Dutch settlements, humans have been largely to blame for its disappearance. However, new bone fragment evidence confirmed by predator-prey models, Epic Battle Simulator, and a housecat trained Generative Adversarial Network [1] show that a single pirate’s cat may have decimated the Dodo population beyond recovery in the late 17th century. This wild claim is additionally backed up by the tales and exploits from the journal of the Infamous Captain Cooksley ‘Poopdeck’ Johnson.  

Keywords: Dodo, Ecology, Predator-Prey Models, Epic Battle Simulator, Generative Adversarial Networks, Pirates

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