Limitations in Aerial SAR Imagery for Agriculture and Modern Relationships

Gabi Summers, PhD1 

1 Department of Remote Sensing Technology, Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Aerial Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery has revolutionized the agricultural industry providing the American farmer many capabilities previously thought infeasible. This paper will evaluate those capabilities and characterize the limitations of SAR imagery in crop identification and mapping, geo tag verification, soil evaluation, 2014 Dodge Challenger detection performance, crop yield evaluation and, finally, suburban surveillance. These evaluations will assess and outline the development of SAR imagery capabilities from hardware and algorithm developments on top of the line systems. While many of the advances in agricultural applications have steadily improved the ability to manage large farms, the ability to track my cheating husband David remains largely inadequate. It is true that we have never been able to create intricately accurate crop maps with only a few hours of processing after a flight, but the technology is still not mature enough to finally catch spouses in their dirty filthy act. Yes, we can model the output of nearly every commercial crop in a way that leaves agricultural futures investments the best on the market but I just have to take his word for it when my husband says he’s home while I’m at this remote sensing conference.  SAR applications have done plenty of good for not just American farmers but farmers across the world. It just has a lot of work to be done before helping catch and stop infidelity. 

Keywords: Synthetic Aperture Radar, Agricultural Surveying, Dodge Challenger Detection, Suburban Surveillance

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