Which Interstellar Space Probe are You?


Which Interstellar Space Probe are You?

To date, there are five different man-made objects that have left or are on a trajectory to leave the solar system, Pioneer 10/11, Voyager 1 / 2, and New Horizons. If you’re the sort of person I am, you may be wondering to yourself, “Which one would I be based on my personality traits”. I have some good news for you, you happen to be on the one and ONLY internet quiz that can tell which deep space interstellar probe you are, or if you’re actually not an interstellar space probe. Not everyone’s cut out to make it past the Heliopause. Not everyone can survive the termination shock!  Please answer these questions truthfully, God is watching, or if you don’t believe in God, our website analytics are watching you.

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Would you ever give a stranger your address?

2 / 10

What are your go-to road trip stops?

3 / 10

How well do you keep in touch with old friends?

4 / 10

How do you make your first impression?

5 / 10

What sign are you?

6 / 10

How well do you see?

7 / 10

What energizes you?

8 / 10

What do you always have with you when you leave the house?

9 / 10

What’s your Instagram like?

10 / 10

Are you really a deep space probe in interstellar space or do you just aspire to be one?

Your score is

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