9 Undebatable Scientific Reasons the Nazca Mummies aren’t Aliens

Dr. Hugh Mann

1 Department of Normal Business Studies because I am a very normal, Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Obviously, the Nazca mummies are not aliens. The notion of any intelligent life visiting earth currently or in the past to export titanium or to film nature documentaries is absurd. As a reasonable and impartial judge of the objective facts with no ulterior motive because I am a normal human professor, I will spell out each of the critical facts debunking that the Nazca mummies cannot be aliens and are a fabrication. As an oxygen breathing, H2O drinking human, I am qualified and trustworthy. I have debunked UFO phenomenon before [1] and I’ll do it again. After hearing my thought-provoking facts, you will stop all search for any non-terrestrial intelligence on your planet. 

Keywords: UFO, Aliens, Nazca Mummies, Non-Human Entities, DNA, X-Ray Scans, Correct Number of Fingers, Osmium Psychic Implants, Jaime Maussan, Interspecies Anatomy, Not enough eggs, Fused Rib Cages, Carbon Dating, Paleontology

1. Bones are Backwards

It does not take a professor of anatomy to see that the arm bones, and some of the finger bones of the X-rayed specimen are totally backwards. I don’t know who fabricated this skeleton, but it wasn’t a member of the Twëllo race, that’s for sure. Even though the creature appears to be a newly discovered bipedal organism, it would not have the ability to walk with its legs and arms upside down. Pick up a 4th month grade biology textbook next time!

2. The DNA sample is Degraded

Most of the human scientists who proclaim scientific transparency have foolishly uploaded their sampled DNA from the specimen in question. They are confident that because only a small fraction of the DNA appears to be human that it is most certainly a mysterious creature from outer space. Due to the age of the DNA samples, a seasoned scientist would know that the majority of the nucleotides are missing. If the true DNA were measured from any of the specimen, they would have found three copies of human DNA as an advanced race would need to be able to absorb inter-species genetic material to incorporate biological strengths across the universe. Only finding 20-30% is a sign that the sample should not be trusted.  

3. Poor Credibility of Jaime Maussan

The ufologist Jaime Maussan is a Charlatan who should be ignored [2]! He was wrong when it came to UFO sightings, Dr. Jonathan Reed’s teleportation bracelet (who isn’t a real doctor), the Creature of Metepec, and he’s wrong about the Nazca Mummies. He is a grifter who should not be given a platform and I don’t like him.

4. Wrong number of Finger Bones

A close up of a hand

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Figure 1: Supposed “Alien” hand with half as many fingers as required to be taken seriously [3]

In the alien hand skeletons, twenty-eight to thirty two bones are found and this is not nearly enough. A real UFO hand bends as flexibly as that of a snake and can be made up of twenty individual bones per finger, they’re almost pure cartilage. It’s not like a human hand which is only made up of three bones per finger. Additionally, it is hardly worth studying any organism with less than twelve fingers per hand, the minimum to play the plasma flute.

5. Anatomy is nothing like any known animals

If you have consumed as many animals as I have, you would know that the creature found is not structured like any biological entity known to humans. The overall structure and make-up of the interior organs, bones, and brain matter does not match that of birds, reptiles, mammals, fish or even Monotremes [4]. It is nothing like any known biology, therefor it is a fabrication. It was likely modeled off of Spielberg’s E.T. which isn’t even close to what a real Twëllo looks like, especially at that size. They would have had to be in their adolescence to only be 60cm tall. 

6. Fused Rib Cage is not Meant for Movement 

A x-ray of a human body

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Figure 2: Human rib cage vs the alleged “aliens” [3]

In a normal species, their rib cages do not connect at the center. This allows for creatures to have working lungs which can expand and contract. In the discovered specimen, each rib connects at the center and to my knowledge, the human race has not evolved to breath like an accordion yet, or to integrate an electronic filter which increases resistance to toxic gasses from space and gaseous nebulae. 

7. Carbon dating is way off

Each individual element of the skeleton and tissue were carbon dated and though we know that there is a limitation to how accurate carbon dating is [5], it is unlikely that there would be such a large difference in the dates. Different pieces of the specimens were dated with gaps of 400 years. If a more superior method of carbon dating were used such as a trans dimensional radiation measurement, I bet the gap would be even wider! It’s a bad form of measurement and I don’t know why human scientists still use it.

8. Real Aliens Produce more than Three Eggs

A group of x-ray images of a person

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Figure 3: Scan of an infertile alien with only three eggs [3]

If a species were to be able to sustainably reproduce and populate an entire planet, it would need way more than three eggs. The species that colonize planets the best will produce at least dozens of eggs while the superior species releases thousands of spores into the air during mating season. If this is an extra-terrestrial alien, it is a sorry excuse for one. 

9. Osmium is Rarely used as a Psychic Implant

Of the rare materials used as psychic implants in intelligent space faring species, Osmium is one of the worst. As Osmium was allegedly found in the corpses of the Nazca mummies, it is no doubt that they could not be extra-terrestrials. A real alien race would only use a mixture of titanium and element-104 or Rutherfordium as it best tunes telepathic brain waves to communal networks. Osmium is better used in interplanetary control circuits. What a waste! The notion that the discovered mineral deposits suggest intelligence is laughable!

10. Conclusion

With these nine irrefutable points, any human reader would be an idiot to believe that the Nazca mummies are anything other than a hoax to put pressure on the government to nullify any secret treaties with more respectable visiting space races. Please share and spread this information so that you and your friends are not fooled by this obviously fabricated research!  

11. About the Author

Hugh Mann is a respected and very normal professor of business studies. When he isn’t teaching business or drinking a soup, he likes and does all of the things that humans do; like get haircuts, walk by trees, collect books, or even take showers even if it burns his skin. His skin and hair are normal colors. He grew up in a small town in Indiana and has no living relatives.

A person with white hair smiling

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Figure 4: Hugh Man is a normal professor at Business studies. He does not wear a skin suit and that is his real hair. 


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