A Particle Physics Model of Why My Room is Never Clean and Why I Shouldn’t have to Clean it Up Everyday Like Mommy Tells Me To

Jack Lee1, Spiderman Action Figure2 and Batman3

1 Mrs. Parkers 2nd Grade Home Room, 

2 One of my favorite toys, along with Iron Man. I got him at Christmas. It was exactly what I wanted! I play with him twice a day and would more if I could bring him to school with me, I would.

3 Batman is a VERY COOL Superhero. He’s not in the avengers or has any special powers but I like him. I think he’s cool. I think him not having powers makes him more cool


My room is never clean. Even though mommy tells me to clean it. I don’t like cleaning my room. Even though I try to clean it every time mommy tells me to, it somehow gets messier. When it is not clean, my mommy makes me clean it before watching tv. I have to put away all my toys, and all my clothes, and make my bed, and put away all my toys! One time I did everything but I forgot to make my bed and my mommy wouldn’t let me watch tv because my bed wasn’t made. It wasn’t fair! Because I’m getting tired of cleaning I have decided I want to come up with a reason for why my room is never as clean like Tom’s. Tom is a cat on TV. His room is always messy. I will use quantum mechanics to validate my explanation and to be allowed to watch TV. Quantum mechanics is a thing I learned about on TV last week. I checked out a book from the school library on quantum mechanics and it was 574 pages long! 

Keywords:  Physics, Quantum Physics, Particle Physics, Quarks, Boson, PBS Spacetime, Tom, Jerry, Elementary School

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