Ray Tracing and Optical Design of Healing Crystals based Adaptive Optics

Dr. Aquaria Starquiver

1 Department of Mystical Optical Arts Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Only three months ago, my relationship with Jeffrey was simpler. Now I have the feeling that I might be wanting something more and the clouding confusion has set my personal vibrations into something I cannot interpret. While crystals themselves can retain and exude positive energy, they have yet to be utilized in the field of optics to correct the vision of the third eye in an unpredictably turbulent spiritual atmosphere as theorized in [1]. Through the spiritual qualities of my extensive healing crystal collection, this paper will design, ray trace, and implement a healing crystal based adaptive optics system to observe my best friend Jeffrey and determine whether or not we should be more than just friends. 

Keywords:   Adaptive Optics, Healing Crystals, Ray Tracing, Positive Vibes, Spiritual Vision Turbulence Correction

1. Introduction

Healing crystals have many special properties which can not only heal the physical [2] but the emotional [3] and spiritual [4]. This inerrant guiding force makes them a perfect conduit to correct for the confusing spiritual energy I am sensing in-between me and Jeffrey ever since he told me I was just like a sister to him. Using the adaptive optics framework, the bounce back vibrations I receive after observing Jeffrey can be live corrected to create a clearer picture of what is going on with his soul despite the spiritual turbulence in our souls.

2. Background

While we were close lab partners in our intro to biology course in college, Jeffrey and I never got too close until we both found ourselves single during the peak of the pandemic. Ever since, we’ve been best friends and he’s the only person I can really count on some days. As shown in Figure 1, he’s a really sweet guy and I don’t want to lead him on but I don’t want to miss out on something great! 

Figure 1: Jeffrey

He’s going through something and if I’m going to be really honest right now, so am I. Like, there’s something that’s just making me really confused. Like the other day, he said something about a Friends episode I just could not read that felt so not like him. This is what led me to think the crystal structures in [1] might be the solution.

As shown in figure 2, not only do crystals trace light in mysteriously spiritual ways, but they are surrounded by a positive to negative vibe flow field which bends, refracts, and filters light in ways that no other glass might [5]. 

Crystal Ray Tracing and Vibe Flow Field
Figure 2: Crystal Ray Tracing and Vibe Flow Field

Some believe [6-9] that the right configuration of healing crystals can not only structure light in a meaningful way but filter out all the evil noise and negative energy that might be plaguing someone or preventing them from really being really real with each other. Not just being real with your mom and dad [10] but being real with like your soul mate [11].

3. Design

As shown in figure 3 below, the classic Adaptive Optics structure can and should be designed and implemented using a Reprogrammable Array of Healing Crystals (RAHC) and Wavefront Crystal Filter Sensor (WCFS) [12]. The Spiritual Jeffrey Light Energy (SJLE) bounces off the RAHC and to a beam splitter. While some of the image will travel directly through a Selenite Wand Vibrilator and to a High Res Camera as originally designed in [1] to focus the entire energy of the universe to a CCD array. The beam splitter will then send the split image rays through the WCFS which detects and translates everything that is currently, was, and will plague Jeffrey’s soul into a control system that re-adapts the RAHC to filter out all of the negative vibes in the atmosphere. This process is repeated until the good Jeffrey energy is optimized. 

 Crystal Based Adaptive Optics Framework Overview
Figure 3: Crystal Based Adaptive Optics Framework Overview

The RAHC and WCFS will be dynamically re-structured with the same healing crystals to symmetrically reflect and refract SJLE in a way interpretable by the Control system. Because I believe Jeffrey’s light energy and my light energy is conflicting over physical health, wealth, and sexual desire, three sections of the RAHC/WCFS will be designed in Healing crystal groups based on known and documented healing properties of each crystal. 

3.1 Physical Health Crystal Design

Even though he refuses to go to the doctor, Jeffrey consistently suffers from IBS and really really really bad bacne. These things are the easiest to correct using crystals as positive meditation and energy through certain crystals can ease discomforts ailing our bodies and the resulting insecurities. Just as they can heal, they can filter out the negative energy Jeffrey’s IBS is causing every morning between 8 and 11. As shown in figure 4, the Physical health crystal ray trace design first passes through a clear Quartz, then my Jasper that called out to me in a mineral show at the state fair, before then passing through an Obsidian my Ex brought back to me from Hawaii and then my mother’s Amethyst which famously helped her recover from poison ivy rashes after a disastrous hiking trip. 

Health Crystal Ray Tracing Diagram
Figure 4: Health Crystal Ray Tracing Diagram

According to [13], the clear quartz is the master healer which bolsters your lifeforce. Jasper cares as a mother would a young child and reduces stress. Obsidian can help people suffering from holding on to the past, and difficult emotions. Finally, the Amethyst can purify and amplify willpower.

3.2 Wealth Crystal Design

Next, Jeffrey is extremely concerned about his own finances. He invested too much of his money on meme stocks and is still waiting for somebody to notice and purchase his NFTs he’s been creating from his DeviantArt drawings of soft-core hentai. Of course, the healing crystal SJLE filter module shown in figure 5 should be able to take away all the negative wealth energy. 

Wealth Crystal Ray Tracing Diagram
Figure 5: Wealth Crystal Ray Tracing Diagram

As described in [13], Tigers Eye will reduce the fear of poverty, Citrine gives people the creativity, focus, energy to produce wealth, Turquoise brings good luck, and Sapphire and Jade are general prosperity stones. 

3.3 Love Crystal Design

After all the physical and financial ailments from the SJLE have been removed by the healing crystals natural positive vibe fields, the love stones will help me see Jeffrey for who he is whether or not we have confusing energies for each other. 

Love Crystal Ray tracing diagram
Figure 6: Love Crystal Ray tracing diagram

As detailed in [13], Rose Quartz not only encourages positive love but will foster the trust that Jeffrey and I already have. Next all the growth and strength from the SJLE will be amplified by the healing vibrations of the Moonstone. It was necessary that we place the Ruby at the end of the RAHC/WCFS framework as the sexual energy I have been sensing from Jeffrey is the most turbulent, especially after the dream he told me about yesterday involving him me and his cousin. I made sure to go shopping for a very special ruby which really spoke to me at the mall. We were going to need a good one, he has some sick fantasies.

4. Implementation

Each of the crystals were attached to a fully rotational and clear gimbal rotated by the main control unit. Before assembling, each crystal was cleaned and purified by soaking each in a vat of water saturated with equal parts Himalayan-Sea salt [14]. Next, I gave the crystals to my grandmother Nonna for a few weeks who is an absolute firecracker. She always rubs off positive energy no matter who she’s around with the exception of the time she spent a little too much time on Facebook [15]. While affixed to the adaptive optical system, the RAHC and the WCFS were made to be cavernous so that a continuous stream of sage could be burned to maintain top tier crystal purity only achieved by a smoke sage purification field [14]. 

5. Results and Discussion

As captured by a reflective negative SJLE sensor, the negative energies filtered could be observed between each healing crystal module. These negative images showed just how much heart ache these healing crystals were filtering out and can be seen in figures 7-9.  

 Jeffrey IBS negative energy
Figure 7: Jeffrey IBS negative energy
: Jeffrey Stricken with Financial Worry
Figure 8: Jeffrey Stricken with Financial Worry
Raw Sensual energy, aka The Hoff
Figure 9: Jeffrey Absorbed by Raw Sensuality Jonas Mohr/JME ProductionCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Finally, the image shown in figure 10 show the true Jeffrey as seen through all his pain, insecurities and poor digestion tract. It’s the Jeffrey that I’ve always known that picks me up when I’m down. As soon as I saw the adaptive healing crystal filter, I knew the guy I am best friends with was still in there!

Purely filtered SJLE post processing
Figure 10: Purely filtered SJLE post processing

The adaptive optical system was not only able to filter out all the negative energy but show that he is the sort of man I think I’m meant to be with. It turns out, a live controlled system of an intricate cavern of crystalline refractors bathed in sage smoke is enough to show us all that we are at a heart good just in the same way adaptive optics can filter out the unpredictable turbulence of the atmosphere and take away the twinkle of star light!

6. Conclusion

It works and the spiritual world is about to get a whole lot clearer thanks to the RAHC-WCFS adaptive spiritual optics design! I’m probably still not going to go out with Jeffrey though ☹. I decided to see what I looked like with and without all my negative emotions and ailments and it’s just like a lot right now. I don’t want to go into too much detail because that’s just like my right to my own privacy but trust me, I am not ready to date right now. Haha!

7. Conflict of Interest

I’m a total Cancer, sorry…


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