Ray Tracing and Optical Design of Healing Crystals based Adaptive Optics

Dr. Aquaria Starquiver

1 Department of Mystical Optical Arts Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Only three months ago, my relationship with Jeffrey was simpler. Now I have the feeling that I might be wanting something more and the clouding confusion has set my personal vibrations into something I cannot interpret. While crystals themselves can retain and exude positive energy, they have yet to be utilized in the field of optics to correct the vision of the third eye in an unpredictably turbulent spiritual atmosphere as theorized in [1]. Through the spiritual qualities of my extensive healing crystal collection, this paper will design, ray trace, and implement a healing crystal based adaptive optics system to observe my best friend Jeffrey and determine whether or not we should be more than just friends. 

Keywords:   Adaptive Optics, Healing Crystals, Ray Tracing, Positive Vibes, Spiritual Vision Turbulence Correction

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