Utilitarianism, Shame, and Mysticism: Autonomous Vehicle Moral Compass Design and Analysis

Dr. Chidi Anagonye1 Dr. Sharon Barkley

1 Department of Robo-ethics, Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2 Department of Robot Psychology, Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


When Isaac Azimov first wrote the laws of Robotics, he never ventured to implement them in code. Not only are the laws of robotics tougher to implement due to their vagueness, they’re moral absolutist framework falls apart to simple trolley problem scenarios. A much more elaborate moral framework is required to ensure that Autonomous Vehicles (AV) can handle a complex and messy world better than guided from some Kantian Categorical Imperative. Using the most developed and implemented moral frameworks used by humans, our research team has implemented and analyzed a robotic ethical world using a Utilitarian paradigm, Shame culture, and the guilt driven synthetically designed Church of the Asphalt Day Saints (CADS). After careful supervised learning, test, and analysis, we found that none of these human morality based paradigms work on robots as well as the industry standard “if (about to hit someone): Don’t;” (IATHSD) algorithm [1]. 

Keywords:  Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Learning, Ethics, Supervised Learning, Utilitarianism, Religious Cults, Shame

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