Adaptive Smart Grids for Migratory Government Drones

Daniel Powers1, and Edgar Moore Watts2

1 Department of Electrical Engineering, Cramberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2 Department of Power Engineering, Center for Rolling Blackouts, Bakersfield, CA, USA


The proliferation of cheaply produced surveillance micro UAVs fueled by low voltage power lines and a loose interpretation of the fourth amendment has devastated America’s electric grid. This paper aims to develop a framework for creating a smart grid capable of gracefully handling unpredictable loads caused by migratory government drones. These micro UAVs, also known as birds, have created many issues for power plants and grid operators. With the unpredictability of the size and location of the load caused by government drones, the nation hasn’t been in more need of an adaptive solution to save it’s aging electrical infrastructure from crumbling due to overloaded transformers and overworked generators. The framework outlined in this paper will show a method which integrates a ground to air radar with a smart grid designed for outages caused by severe weather. A technique will also be described which includes using renewable energy systems and air rifles to cull the number of government drones before causing damage. Finally this technique will be applied to a mid sized American city and tested against varying masses of migratory drone swarms. While this technique allows the cities infrastructure to be much more resilient, the large swarm sizes still required heavy islanding of the smart grid.   

Keywords: Power, Electrical Engineering, Micro-UAVs, Renewable Energy, Smart Grids

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