8 Sexually Graphic Violin Plots banned in Texan Textbooks and Journals for being too Suggestive

Leave it up to Matplotlib for suggesting these suspiciously specific colors in their violin plot customization page. Whatever possessed the developers at matplotlib to use those colors in their example, damn, they used em and now scientists and engineers everywhere are making violin plots that, according to conservative groups everywhere, look too much like a fandango. Those scientists, intentionally or unintentionally, used these awfully suggestive colors have really shaken things up in the Lone Star State and have had their study results banned from text books and academic journals alike. Freud says there are no accidents but these all seem like toss-ups to me…

1. Hoochie Mama! Look at these Carbon Dioxide vs Algae Growth violin plots!

Carbon Dioxide Level vs Algae Growth Violin Plot that looks like a vagina

Some scientists working out of Baton Rouge, LA did not expect to get an email asking to re-plot their data for looking too much like a lady’s Bajing-jing. Like we don’t need your plot on CO2 vs Algae Growth to look so bare and inviting!

2. Damn, I need a cold shower after seeing these Genetic Variants vs Cancer Risk plots!

Genetic Variants vs Cancer Risk violin plot that looks like a vagina

Hot damn, I can’t believe these hot vajayjay’s could possibly save anybody’s life but they can, anywhere except Texas! Someone with a BRCA2 gene should most certainly make regular trips to the Dr. for a checkup but they wouldn’t know if they were in Texas!

3. Hubba hubba, these Beam distributions look like they could take a load!

Beam type per load distribution Violin Plot that looks like a vagina

These Minky’s once lived in an undergrad mechanical engineering text book. Now students are gonna have to guess how much load they’ll be able to handle with an I-Beam or whatever type of beam!

4. Damn these Fandago’s show Parenting Styles are basically the same…

Parenting style Violin Plot that looks like a vagina

Wow, some parenting study’s gonna have to switch to box plots to cover up these curves 🧕🧕🧕 cause of some conservative group throwing a fit over these SEXY plots. Like someone just wants to know if they’re raising their kids right and Texans just may never know!

5. NORAD never thought these radar PD’s looked like a Lady Garden

Radar band vs Santa Sleigh NORAD Probability of Detection Violin Plot that looks like a vagina

Like NORAD’s been having tons of trouble getting their radars detecting the new sleigh with all those Boeing induced false alarms. Like sure, it looks like my Ex’s Doo-dah, yeah, but I don’t think that’s reason to ban the journal articles in schools for looking like a bare beaver!

6. At least the study wasn’t on Clams!

Pollution vs Dolphin Health Violin Plot that looks like a vagina

Environmentalists have to fight against a lot of focus groups, who knew they’d have to fight against anti-LGBTQ+ focus groups just cause these pollution effect plots look a lot like some Fish Lips, like come on!

7. Hey this study’s on Chimps not Kitty’s!

Chimpanzee Intelligence vs Ska Band Violin Plot that looks like a vagina

When these researchers studying the relationship between chimp intelligence and Ska music wanted to plot their results, they probably had no idea it looked like a woman’s downstairs.

8. This plot will really get your rocks off according to some conservative groups!

Mineral selling potential in Science Museum Gift Shops Violin Plot that looks like a vagina

Even geology isn’t safe from these people trying to ban books! Like yeah, some of these plots might look like a penis fly trap but only if you’re already thinking about it…like leave science alone! Maybe THEY have the filthy minds…

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