Full Cycle Banana Fission Reactor Design and Analysis

Dr. D.  Kong

1 Department of Advanced Banana Applications Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


In the world struggle to find clean, safe, and sustainable sources of energy, the banana is often overlooked. While typical banana applications rarely are developed beyond consumption and gaining a competitive advantage in go-kart races, they contain the radioactive isotope 40K. While the unstable potassium isotope is useless for power generation in its natural concentration, an enrichment process could easily produce fuel grade Bananas usable in a light water reactor producing power with a naturally occurring fuel source in most tropical climates. This paper, designs and analyzes the gaseous centrifuge enrichment process, the fission reactor, and discusses the theoretical logistics surrounding a banana based nuclear energy operation. 

Keywords:    Bananas, Banana Nuclear Power, Banana Enrichment, Banana Fission, Banana Renewable Energy, Banana Potassium-40, Banana Peace, Banana Melt Down, Banana Hammock, Banana Containment, Banana Inflation

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  1. As I recall, Doc in Back to the Future put a banana peel into the fission reactor on his car. It was only a matter of time before the world learned of this fruit’s super power.

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