Flavortown in the Brain: Localizing generators of hedonic food response in the forebrains of foodies

Ebenezer J. Canard1, Beuter Murphy-Scroggler5, Brodegar M. Bumteese21, Gerbert H. Brondlecrakes3, Grigori G. Gregorovitch15, Odovacer S. Posthletwat3, Burtessa K. Thorpstrule4, Cranpy O. Dieuwknopp8, Bumpapa Humojewo3, Tewdy V. Biggoms16, Alpin F. Sackbritch3, Mel Butz3, Todd Coleslaw13, Isambard St. Bede3, Salacious B. Crumb14, Peepst van der Brouwerij3, Alfreth Q. Rennock20, Thevabell von Tueter3, Botolph M. Jones5, Hogerdine d’Arp3, Grangle Grangles7, Hortense W. Peasegood III3, Idelina Beaudrolais3, William Not3, Godolphin T.  Saxifrage19, Pitbull10, Wippo G. Uvedale13, Malachy Smotherbea1, Trusl U. Gibbs8, Hooble B. Pewpletrop17, Pansard S. Mackwife12, Inigo Bones6, Ethel M. Mermaid3, Æfthelfwyfth X. Sexburga1, Old Tootsaby Jones2, Bunsaby O. Abnerwyne9, Mungo F. Budspeth3, Eugenipe Elderbean20, Odi A. Hofka22, Summat Newtish10, Banksy17, Druulpa A. van Hoop2, Marpule J. Howdy-Baggot19, Burf T. Fardlequardt11, Winke(y) van Houtermaams3, Ambrose Q. Dunnet14, Ryan van Bœkhouding12, Babbs O’Dinkum3, Pimble C. Numptyfroth15 

1 Department of Electroneurophysiology, Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 2 Center for Investigative Neurocriticism, University College London, London, UK 3 Department of Rural and Agrarian Neuroscience, Alabama University, AL, USA 4 Division of Neurotrigonometric Medicine and Clinical Geometry, Aberystwyth Medical College, Cardiff, UK 5 Department of Electropsychological Neurofumbulation, University of the Hague, Den Haag, NL 6 Groots Denken Hersenplaats, Leiden University, Leiden, NL 7 Department of Neural Arts, Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, GA, USA 8 Department of Speculative Neuroscience, The Phoenix University, World Wide Web 9 Institute of Neuroscientifical Research, Pontifical Academy of the Arts, Sciences, Trades, and Idle Pursuits, The Papal States, Vatican City 10 RCA Records, New York City, NY,11 Department of Clinical Grumblescience, The Closed University, Milton Friedman, UK 12 Molecular Neurosociology Unit, Samuel Adams University, New Podunktown, MA, USA 13 Department of Bungled Brain Science, What Question Mark University, Huuuuuuuuuuurptown Junction, PA, USA 14 The Burpley Memorial Center for Translational Psychogeology, Queen Beebletums College, Martha’s Vineyard, MA, USA 15 Division of Potato Medicine and Clinical Neuromancy, Idaho University School of Macaroni Arts, ID, USA 16 Mother’s Basement University, Mom’s Basement, Home, USA 17 Undetermined affiliation 18 Department of Burps, Toots, and Other Unwholesome Noises, McCrary Hospital for the Criminally Brainless, The Black Void, Dimension 9, Outer Space 19 Farplebeezer Institute for Neural Interconnectivity 20 Department of Antique Neuroscience, University of South North Dakota School of Medicine, Hoople, 21 Unseen University 22 The Learned Society of Corpulent Shamans, Infantry Division, 


If it weren’t for the oral and tasty pleasures of a big juicy burger or some table side guacamole, the human experience would be unquestionably grimm. While scientists have mapped out links to tasting mediocre and even peanut butter and jelly level flavors, there has been no effort to determine the neurological mapping of that place your mind goes after the first bite of something truly wonderful. With no hard scientific evidence, some experts even suggest that there is no flavortown center of the brain and that it’s only a metaphorical state of mind! Using a functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) this paper discusses the likely real locations of flavortown within the minds of the human brain. In this study, fMRI’s are taken of participants in a base state, while ingesting bland flavorless food, and while ingesting a cheese burger cooked with maximum flavor.  After demagnetizing a bowl of raisinless oatmeal and a cheeseburger after undergoing an electron polarity randomizer, fMRI brain activity revealed the true location of flavor town in the Parietal and Frontal lobe. According to the Flavortown Induction Evoked Response Index (FIERI) results, we found it and it objectively feels like heaven [30]! 

Keywords: Neuroscience, fMRI, probable-flavortown Consciousness (PFtC), Flavortown, Mouth Feels, Food Science

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