7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Magnets

A lot of people ask how do magnets work? It has a lot to do with electric fields but most people don’t really know. They are just trusty tools to hold up ten year old Christmas cards against your refrigerator. It’s almost easier to understand how magnets work if you understand a little bit more about how magnets behave.

1. They Flip their Polarity at the equator

The equator where magnets flip their forces
The equator where magnets flip their forces

As a result of the Coriolis Force, once magnets cross over to the other side of the equator, all of the earths forces pulling electrons from one side of a piece of metal to the other suddenly reverse and polarities completely flip! That was a real awkward day when Magellan found out. After crossing the equator around South America, his compass started working completely backwards and he ended up getting lost somewhere around brazil. Fun Fact, while he was lost in Brazil, he invented the Samba dance!

2. Magnets become stronger in the cold because they shiver

Super cooled magnet levitating from shivering and being chilly
Super cooled magnet levitating from shivering and being chilly

Because many magnetic forces are a result of shifting electron movement, when magnets get cold they begin to shiver to create warmth and as a result they cause 10-9000x more magnetic forces! This effect is why quantum computers have to be hyper cooled with depressurized shaving cream to utilize the most possible magnetic and electrical forces.

3. There are different Maxwell’s Equations whether you’re Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox

Catholic priest blessing a magnet
Catholic priest blessing a magnet

Electro-Magnetic behavior is dictated by Maxwell’s Equations. Many people don’t realize this, but Maxwell’s equations are pretty different depending on whether you are Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox. The Orthodox Maxwell’s equations additionally contains the 3rd/4th Maccabeean Integral function, and the 1st Esdras propagation effect. Likewise, the protestant equations removed apocrypha equations which were in the original greek textbooks translated from Jewish scientists, but could not be found in the original Hebrew textbooks. This is why catholic engineers believe all magnets must go through purgatory before being used in DC motors.

4. Magnets become less attractive and more repulsive after having children

Kinda a tragic outcome, but when a magnet has offspring, they nearly always begin to loose some of their attractive forces to other magnets while becoming more repulsive. While this isn’t true for all parental magnets, it is true for most. While many magnetologists agree this is a general trend, they don’t know why the magnets become repulsive as well as less attractive which usually goes hand in hand. Some believe this may be the result of combined drama forces caused by the co parenting magnet.

5. Magnets eat electronics for nutrition

Nutrient rich electronic circuit board any magnet would love to devour
Nutrient rich electronic circuit board any magnet would love to devour

If you’ve ever accidentally broken a computer or a phone by leaving it too close to a magnet, you might have wondered what on earth happened. Electronics have plenty of healthy electrical forces and general nutrition that powers and feeds a healthy magnet. If a magnet is close enough to a nutrient rich circuit board, it will begin sapping all of its electrical forces until depleted rendering the circuit board inoperational. Additionally, if your magnet is starting to get a little weak, you may want to consider feeding it with some old iPods or mother boards sitting in your basement.

6. Earth’s Magnetic Field can be restarted with nuclear bombs

Bomb which could restart the earth's core
Bomb which could restart the earth’s core

The earth’s magnetic field protects us from all sorts of dangerous radiation and strong electrical forces from the sun. If it weren’t for our planet’s magnetic field, we would have no atmosphere or cool aurora borealis light shows. While there are many doomsday prophets who fear that we could one day lose our magnetic field and all die, scientists have a plan. Similar to the plan to break up in coming asteroids, the documentary The Core, proved that if our magnetic field begins to fail, it can easily be restarted with some well places nuclear charges deep inside the earth.

7. Birds use magnets to navigate by filtering in compass readings into their internal navigation systems

Bird Dead Reckoning Navigation with Magnets
Bird Dead Reckoning Navigation with Magnets

Despite birds being an hard to stop invasion of privacy and a danger to our power grid, they are miraculously able to navigate by using magnets in their head. By using those magnets, they are capable of integrating in bearing measurements into their inertial navigation system. While birds typically have a functional GPS unit, the magnet based heading is paramount to occasional dead reckoning while also filtering altimeter measurements and an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) while traveling with spotty GPS coverage.

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