Leveraging Astrology to Optimize Behavioral Studies of Laboratory Mice

Guido T. MeijerAA) Institute of Divinatory Practices, Planet Earth The fields of biology and neuroscience depends for a large part on the training mice to perform certain tasks, such as escaping a maze. This practice is tedious and time consuming, especially when no unpaid interns are available to do the work for you. As inContinue reading “Leveraging Astrology to Optimize Behavioral Studies of Laboratory Mice”

A Quantitative Approach to Fostering Social Cohesion

We developed a standardized point count system to systematically collect attendance data at a weekly happy hour with a rotating location. We used these data to identify the key drivers of attendance across different attendee demographics.

The Structural Determination, Total Synthesis and Endochronicity of Thiotimoline

The natural product thiotimoline was isolated from the bark of Rosaceae Karlsbadensis rufo and its structure was unambiguously determined by time-resolved X-ray crystallomancy and spectroscopy. A total synthesis of thiotimoline was conducted following a convergent strategy. The pivotal transformations in this synthesis were a tandem Suzuki-Miyaura/Schinkenfaust radical cross-spifflication, a Szymankowszczyzna allylic inquisition and a [3+2+3+2] Puccini-Gershwin echocyclisation in A♭ major. An unnatural isomer of thiotimoline was also synthesised, and a theory of kairality and chronomers is presented and discussed.