Me and My Best Friend Aaron Prove the 3n+1 Problem even though it is a REALLY Hard Problem

Jack Lee1 , Aaron Wiener1,2, Superman Action Figure

Mrs. Parkers 2nd Grade Home Room,

Miss. Jones 2nd Grade Home Room because he got moved from Mrs. Parkers because we talked too much during our English lessons even though we already know everything,

The most powerful superhero, if anyone is going to solve the 3n+1 problem, I think he can because he has all powers, Spiderman couldn’t figure it out, and he’s really smart


The 3n+1 problem is also called the Collatz Conjecture. It’s a really REALLY famous unsolved math problem. Some people think math can’t solve the conjecture. I think I can. Because I’m getting really good at math! Me and my friend Aaron will prove that the conjecture is true, even though it’s really hard! Me and Aaron prove that it’s true by using proof by induction and we wrote it down even though Oscar helped even though he didn’t want his name on the paper. I think because we’re really good at multiplying we can solve this problem even though some really smart people can’t. Even my dad doesn’t have any idea on how to solve it. He teaches math to twenty two year olds. He has a white board in his office with a lot of equations and numbers on it. Some of the letters aren’t even in the alphabet!

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