Area Grad Student Still Explaining what they study to Grandparents over Thanksgiving Dinner

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PITTSBURGH PA – After two straight hours in the nice family living room, one local Cranberry-Lemon Electrical Engineering graduate student specializing in signals processing is still attempting to explain what she studies to her grandparents. “I work with a lot of sensor fusion algorithms,” she explained. “So sensors, like the camera on my phone, I think it’s broken, could you have a look?” her maternal grandfather inquired while awaiting Thanksgiving dinner.

Reports suggest that the grad student missed the opportunity to just say she works with computers hours ago. “She should have just said it’s a lot math, that’s what I did before I became a defense contractor. I don’t want to explain how wireless communications across a network of low earth orbit satellites work so I just say I’m a war profiteer now,” the grad student’s elder brother Randy suggested.

“So signals processing that’s like radios right?” Grandpa Joe asked the area Grad student. “Ya know I used to have a transistor radio, you’re an electrical engineer, I’m sure you’re real good with circuits.” On the ground reports suggest that after a short break at the dinner table, the Area grad student is now explaining that she hasn’t touched a circuit since her undergrad linear circuits class.

She explained briefly “Everything I do is just programming computers now. Most engineers don’t touch circuits nowadays.” Secondary sources have suggested that when the area grad student’s grandparents discovered she was a programmer, they have now been trying to get her “to fix their problem with the email” and make the “text bigger on their phone like Trudy’s”.

“I don’t do that type of programming. It’s mostly math to process data like in an image or a wireless signal,” the area grad student deflected. “I work a lot in the frequency domain.” In the most recent attempt to understand what she studies the area grad student was then asked how a microwave works.

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