Community Immunization Techniques on a Hesitant Population: Adaptations from Vampire Bat Rabies Immunizations

Dr. Edgar Jab1, and Yukon Jack2

1 Department of Immunology Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2 Department of Trapping Technologies Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 


Certain suburbs of American cities and communities are expected to be resistant to accepting COVID-19 vaccines once they become more available to the general public. Particular communities such as all organic health food nut moms, contrarian men, conspiracy theorists, and those on a way too strict Keto diet are expected to refuse to get the vaccine. In preparation of this challenge, techniques used to vaccinate vampire bats in South America against Rabies are being adapted for a resistant human population. Four techniques were developed to spread resistance to COVID-19 and achieve herd immunity to include; booby trapped pressure plates, Children vectored skin cream, an Aerosol Mist Vapor rig, and for the tricky anti-vaxxers, a crowd sourced bounty hunting system. These techniques were tested in the suburbs of Pittsburgh PA and then evaluated using a Direct fluorescent antibody technique. While the booby trapped pressure plate contraption worked well, the logistics were challenging to scale. The children-vectored skin cream technique remains inconclusive and unapproved by the FDA while the Aerosol mist vape technique remains unregulated and was proven to be the most scalable method. Finally the bounty hunters involved in the test hit their target with the highest efficacy but was too expensive and slow to scale up. 

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