A Link between Ska-Music and Cognitive abilities in Chimps?

“According to decades of my previous research, there are fascinating applications of Ska music in the physical, emotional, and social development of chimpanzees. We’re studying whether or not the two-tone beats of second and third wave ska music can improve cognitive abilities in primates. Right now, particularly in Chimpanzees” Dr. Smyth explained.

“According to initial laboratory experiments, we were able to double the intelligence of a chimp by playing ‘Super Rad’ by the Aquabats while one chimpanzee took a cognitive assessment test involving some blocks and some holes. If our modeling and simulation work is correct, we think this will be the same for all Chimpanzees!”

Okay, I guess I’ll start analyzing your Chimpanzee-Ska Data

Why Ska music? I don’t even know what that is? It’s like white people reggae?

This seems like a stupid thing to research. Aren’t there better questions to answer in science?

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