10 Mathematical Series Leaving Netflix This Month YOU GOTTA WATCH BEFORE THEY’RE GONE OR YOU’LL BE A SOCIAL PARIAH!

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There are SOOOOO many ➗♾mathematical🧮 series out there it’s just impossible to 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️keep🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ up🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ with all of them. Every week, they just KEEP GOING🔋🐇! Most of em go to ♾♾INFINITY♾♾! Even the convergent ones just reach this middling period where the numbers 💯 really start to become their own! Others just keep getting crazier and 🤪crazier🤪 and diverge from the start! Who could ever keep up with that Fibbonacci sequence after episode 75025 ramped up right up to episode 121393, like WHO 🦉 SAW 🪚 THAT COMING💦🍌?!? Even though it takes up all your time to keep up with these series, here are some YA GOTTA 👀SEE👀 before they’re off the streaming platform mathematical series.

1. Laurent Series

The Laurent Series

If you HAVEN’t been watching the Laurent Series, like are you living under a 🪨ROCK🗿 or something?! It’s so much 🌎world🌎 building it’s 😛crazy😛 and I’ve gotta say, I’m only suggesting the Laurent series first cause it’s gonna take you A ⏱⏱WHILE⏱⏱ to catch ⚾️👨‍👦 up with the rest of society if ya haven’t started yet! For just about every episode of this series, there’s 📉negative📉 exponent flashback episode! Like WOAH, for a plot-centric series like that, THERE’s NO WONDER why it deals with ⚫️ singularity’s ⚫️ better than any other series. ABSOLUTELY no plot holes 💃 in this one!

2. The Taylor Swift Series

The Taylor Swift Series

Listen, if you are not absolutely in love with Taylor Swift (and this still goes for the 💁🏾‍♀️ HETERO 👧🏻 LADIES 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 out there!) then I don’t know what’s wrong with you! Netflix, in 👩‍⚖️honor🧑‍⚖️ of her upcoming tour🚌, has decided to host it’s own Taylor Swift Series by approximating the Se^{wif} in an HONEST….TO….GOD…FREAKING…TAYLOR SERIES like a bunch of Bad🦹‍♀️ Asses🍑! What an honor. But tbh🤦‍♀️, this feels😿 like a little bit of a cash💰 grab on Netflix’s part. To play it safe, you better freaking watch this Series anyway before it goes to Peacock🦚, or someone may accuse you of not being head🗣 over heals👠 for America’s🇺🇸 Sweet🍫 Heart❤️. YOU GET EM GIRL!

3. The Geometric Series (a = 2, r = 1/8)

The Geometric Series

I KNOW….yet another Geometric Series, there are just so many of them I have trouble keeping up myself 🤦‍♀️. But I hear👂 this one’s different! Instead of normal characters like a = ½ and r = ¼ like Disney🐭 ALWAYS DOES, this one goes HOG🐷 WILD😝 by pairing up a = 5 and r = 2/3! Those power’s🔌 have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with each other! Like, no one’s ever come up with an original series like THAT before! Watch out formulaic MCU🦸‍♀️, you may have a competitor coming to take YOUR place! This formula works damnit😈!

4. Sum of Reciprocal of Factorials

Sum of Reciprocal of Factorials

GOSH if you want to watch one UNIQUE series for absolutely free💸 on Netflix (assuming you’re PASSWORD SHARING (🤫shhhhh🤐 we won’t tell)), check out this INSANE😜! series on the Sum of Reciprocal of Factorials! They’re taking it off👙 and you won’t have ANYWHERE ELSE to watch it! NOT EVEN for purchase on Amazon or some online journal📓. Just when you get to know the characters, they just start changing in the most subtle ways, then at the climax😁 of this AMAZING series, it all converges on **🤫SPOILER ALERT🤐** \dfrac{1}{3}\left(  e + \dfrac{2}{\sqrt{e}} cos\dfrac{\sqrt{3}}{2} \right)  **🤫SPOILER ALERT OVER🤐** So you better just hurry up and watch it cause EVERYBODY (even Chelsea🙆🏼‍♀️) will be talking about it at the office👔 and YOU don’t want to be behind🍑!

5. The Exponential Series

The Exponential Series

It’s just so weird🫠 this one’s not gonna be on Netflix anymore! I almost feel like it might have been their first series I remember REALLY falling in ❤️love❤️ with. The Exponential Series is a 🏛CLASSIC🏛! Most would even go so far as calling📞 it a true 🔌POWER🔌 SERIES, tying the platform together. Like No matter how often I watch this series, it’s just so 😎cool😎 how e^{x} expands out like that! I swear🤬 the writers✍️ of this series HAVE TO be planning this one out!

6. The Harmonic Series

The Harmonic Series

I don’t know about y’all, but the first few episodes in the Harmonic Series struck a 🎶MAJOR🎶 CHORD🎶 for me. Like 😱WOW🤩! Talk about a series that just keeps going and GOING🔋🐇! With major rewatchability on the first few seasons. Even those minor⛏ episodes just hit just RIGHT🔨! Ya know? It certainly has slowed🐢 down in its later episodes, but the plot still seems to be diverging in minor ways here or there, you just don’t know what to expect😲! If you don’t have the Spotify 🎧playlist🎧 from this series playing on repeat, then what are you even 🎵listening🎵 to, talk about jamming out in the 🚙car on the way home🏡! Can’t believe it won’t be on Netflix next month! WHAT WILL I DO TO WIND DOWN AFTER WORK!?! 😰

7. The Fourier Series

The Fourier Series

No matter who you are, where you come from, your sexual orientation 💏, your political affiliation🐘🇨🇳🐍, what you’re about, or whether you’re a cat🐈, dog🐶 or hamster🐹 person…the Fourier Series just FITS👖 YOU! Like I remember when it first came out and I just felt like one of those odd puzzle pieces🧩 that couldn’t find their niche in life and I didn’t feel like I belonged ANYWHERE! I started watching the Fourier Series and it fit me in all sorts of complex🥴 conjugate ways where no other series got me🥸. Eventually as I related more and more to the coefficients, it began even predicting my own cycles🩸! LIKE, IS THIS SERIES ABOUT ME, I’m NOT crazy right🤔? If you haven’t seen this series, you have GOT to check✅ it out! PRO-TIP: I’d first take an online quiz🧐 just to see find out what A_{n} or B_{n} you are first! I’m a \dfrac{\pi}{8}atan\dfrac{n}{2}! Classic Taurus🐂 right!

8. Gregory’s Series

Gregory's Series

There’s NOTHING that makes you quite as nostalgic for the 1670’s🕺 than the Gregory Series. Better get out your over skirts👗 and pilgrim🦃 hats y’all cause nothing will take you back to that AMAZING decade like the Gregory Series. I can just 👃SMELL👃 the 👨‍🦲syphilis👨‍🦲 while watching it! If you ask me, there’s absolutely nothing more 1670’s🪩 than Leibniz teaming👬 up with Gregory to come up with a series approximation of \dfrac{\pi}{4}. ABSOLUTE cultural⚡️ icons✝️! Way to make me feel like my 👵Great👵-Great👵-Great👵-Great👵-Great👵-Great👵- Great👵-Great👵-Great👵-Great👵-Great👵-Great👵- Great👵-Great👵 Grandma again! What a fire cracker🧨 she was!

9. Reciprocal of Tetrahedral Numbers

Reciprocal of Tetrahedral Numbers

I know what you’re thinking, why watch the Series of the Reciprocal of Tetrahedral Numbers🔢 when everyone👯‍♀️, I mean EVERYONE, Says that it’s only 75%😞 as good as the Series of the Reciprocal of Triangular numbers🔢. WELL⛲️, it’s totally unique and amazing🥳! There’s absolutely no excuse to see at least the first 🔟 episodes cause you get about 98.48484848484848% of the gist of the series just from those first 🔟. Like don’t be a social Pariah🐠 and just watch the Series…OKAY!

10. MacLaurin Series

MacLaurin Series

Let me just sum➕ up this series for you…where that 👧🏻Taylor series is all like “F’n a” 🤬man, the MacLaurin Series will get you all like “F n0″🤬, okay…Like, it just feels🙌 way more centered🧘‍♀️ than a normal Taylor Series. This MacLaurin Series has to be the most DOWN⬇️ TO EARTH🌍 series on Netflix right now! It’s SOOOO centered🧘! I think it may be the unifying🇹🇷 force that could be used as a function to make America🇺🇸🏈💵 EXPONENTIALLY better! But that’s just me💁‍♂️…

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