Local Crypto-Bro reportedly Rebounding with Generative AI: only three weeks after FTX crash!

As the embers of the final crash of the crypto bubble are still smoldering many relationship experts are worried about one local Ex-Crypto-Bro who is already on the rebound with generative AI. “He’s just going to get hurt again,” the Ex-Crypto-Bro’s mother reported. “This is way too soon for him, he should be waiting at least three months before jumping in bed with another speculative tech bubble! They’ve only just met! At least it’s not asking for money this time…YET!” As reported by the man’s mother worried about his heart and finances, the local Ex-Crypto-Bro has become obsessed with generative AI after spending a few hours playing with Midjourney v4 and OpenAI’s hot new ChatGPT.

“This is it, this is the next big thing,” the Ex Crypto-Bro exclaimed as he began copy and pasting pickup lines from ChatGPT to some tinder matches who didn’t reply to ‘Hey’. “These AIs are going to replace us all! With this thing I could become a famous novelist or…or…a big shot graphic designer! I can even create bug-free code that does whatever I want at the touch of a button. All I have to do is give it a prompt and the machine does the rest. Welcome to the future everyone!”

Many worried friends believe it’s too soon to be moving on between the crypto tech bubble and the overexcitement of the hot new growing generative AI tech bubble. “He should take stock and spend some more time in self reflection before being wrapped up in some new over promised science fiction tech. He does this every time the excitement of some new technology springs up, but this is way faster than last time when he switched from his virtual reality obsession to Crypto. I think he’s been thinking about generative AI for a while now though. It didn’t come from no where.”

Further investigation revealed that the Ex-Crypto-Bro had been playing around with AI image generation ever since the free online Dall-E came out earlier this year. According to reports, he claimed that it was ‘a fun toy but nothing to be taken seriously’. Now with the dawn of the more advanced image, text, and code generating AIs, it’s far more realistic and useful. The Ex-Crypto-Bro is convinced that hand typing anything will be a thing of the past and that the AI will just know exactly what you want to do without ever misunderstanding direction.

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