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You are now in CallProcess_For_Iterate_All(Obj,Nums,i). Hmmmm. You go back to the previous function feeding into ReIterateThroughDataBaseGreaterThan Zero(X,YIn,Params) and you notice that there is something that looks a little off. Once some debug statements are in place you can see that there is one single NaN in a vector being passed into the function in question. The vector seems to be forming in some math in one of the functions which calls ReIterateThroughDataBaseGreater ThanZero(X,YIn,Params) and you’re not sure what is driving the strange outcome.

What do you do?

  1. Dust off a linear algebra textbook and look for numerical issues. It’s always a matrix Inversion
  2. Go up another function, what’s the input
  3. Go back, don’t think that’s it, the rest of the code works fine.

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