The Sarah Palin Mandela Effect: How America Believes in a Fictional Politician

Dr. Booker DeWitt1 Dr. R. Sanchez2

1 Department of Paranormal Psychology, Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2 Department of Multiverse Physics, Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


After more than thirteen years since the turbulent 2008 presidential election, some people still believe that Sarah Palin is a real person. It seems far-fetched that people would believe that a gun totin, tea partying, Alaska Governor,  from the North with a strong midwestern accent and an even more aggressive up-do would have been John McCain’s running mate. Regardless of how fantastical it is, many Americans are confident that she was not only a real person and not just a Tina Fey SNL character but did in fact run as Vice President with the war hero John McCain against Obama and Biden in 2008 instead of the easy to forget Ohio Congressional representative Jordan Dorf. This paper addresses two psychological theories and one metaphysical in a search for how so many people are convinced that she isn’t a figment of our imaginations. After cross analysis of our study, we found that the human psychological polling was totally rigged from the beginning and that despite which 2008 alternate universe was visited, there were always constants and variables. There was always a progressive Democratic senator. There was always a recession. There was always a republican war hero, and there was always a fictional or real Sarah Palin. 

Keywords: False Memory, Mandela Effect, Sarah Palin, Fuzzy Trace Theory, Tina Fey, Alternative Realities, Confabulation

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  1. If Sarah Palin is real for me, and I can look her up and see she was the former Gov of Alaska, what does that mean? 0.o

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