How well do you understand Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem?


How well do you understand Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem?

If you were still rooting for Hilbert and his fan boys to come up with a complete set of axioms to describe all of mathematics, I have some bad news for can't be done. According to Kurt Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem, there are some serious problems. It doesn't take a mathematician to understand why and to what extent mathematics is forever uncertain, but take this quiz and you may have a good idea if you do actually understand it or just like impressing your friends with how smart you are.

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Is the answer to question seven true?

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File:John F. Kennedy motorcade, Dallas.jpg

If the CIA destroyed all evidence of an inside job to kill Kennedy to continue the war in Vietnam while creating a flawless back story of Lee Harvey Oswald acting as a lone gunner could such a conspiracy or a statement about prime numbers or something be neither proved or disproved?

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File:Star Trek Spock.jpg

How would you feel if I told you “This Statement is not Provable?”

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What’s the Gödel Number for the statement “If all possible values of x representing the non-ordered combinations of my broke brothers Lotto tickets, there is a universe where he guesses correctly and will stop sleeping on my couch.”

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Suppose you have a friend that is super Libertarian, the sort that doesn’t believe in drivers licenses or government programs of any kind. He’s the worst type of Anarcho Capitalist you could imagine, I swear he even read through all of Atlas Shrugged without groaning at that woman’s terrible writing style. If his beliefs were a consistent axiomatic system, and he’s told you that, could he prove that they are consistent and should you stop talking to him for trying to get you to join his ‘Freedom militia’ even though you told him you have a mortgage and three kids?

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When will Mathematics be complete?

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Is the answer to question eight false?

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Is the answer to question nine true?

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Is the answer to question ten false?

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Is the answer to question one true?

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