2 thoughts on “X-ray Crystallomancy

  1. Excellent article. I shall make this required reading for my own crystallomancy courses at MIT. I believe the pattern recognition step during data analysis can be largely automated and I have already tasked a team of postdocs and one deserving (i.e. otherwise useless) undergraduate student with the development of suitable algorithms as well as the cataloging of common motifs such as Röntgen’s Belt and several others not mentioned in your valuable article (e.g. the Bragg Cluster or the van Laue Conglomerate), We should collaborate!

    1. We’re glad that our articles are finding their way to such esteemed readers. We are intrigued by the prospect of a followup study, particularly if it will save people from the hassle of poring over star charts to solve their crystal structures. A collaboration would be most welcome: we are more than willing to coauthor/finish/polish anything we receive on this topic.

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