Mess around with ABG_Init

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This one’s a real head scratcher, it’s used to initiate a lot of the matrices in the object passed into Process(Obj) and it’s some value that’s set ambiguously in the 50’s in the XML that’s being read, as low as 14 in others, and as high as 125 is some more recent XML config files. You increase it to an even 100, cause why not. You’re not exactly sure what it gets used for. Looks like it’s being used to size some things, and when you hit run, your computer’s fan starts whirring up like it’s about to take off and fly away. Ten more seconds and your keyboard on your laptop is too hot to touch. You desperately begin pointing external fans on it to cool the thing off.

You try and hit ctr-alt-delete but everything is so frozen that the code just has to run its course, and it takes a full five minutes for your computer to finish running the script before landing on the same error that’s been plaguing you all day.

What do you do next?

  1. Try ABG_INIT at ‘250’ cause you could use a twenty minute bathroom break and a frozen computer is the only good excuse.
  2. This is just a lost cause, go back to StepDataUpdate(Messages)
  3. Mess around with ‘vec_size_dynamic’
  4. Mess around with ‘sensitivity’
  5. Mess around with ‘MAX_NUM_HUYT’

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