Ask the guy who wrote the code

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90+% of the blocks of the code are written by some dude by the name of Charles Fuller. You don’t know who this guy is, but he must have been the guy that originally wrote the code base. You begin asking around and it turns out the guy quit for a higher paying job from Google five years ago and is no where to be found. You even try emailing him you’re so desperate but no success.

You ask one of your coworkers if you anyone was friends with this guy to get a hold of him and they tell you…”Oh yeah he’s long gone, what are you using his code base he wrote for the database management fusion-and run manager algorithm thing? Oh dude, I feel sorry for ya, that thing sucks to work on. Absolutely no one can manage to replace it. You should talk to Jerry, he was just working on that thing a few months ago and might be able to help ya out.”

  1. This seems like a fruitless effort, no way Jerry knows what’s causing this error or he’d have fixed it
  2. What’s the harm in talking to Jerry?

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