The Great Rabbit War of 863AD: Myth or Historical Fact?

Dr. Garbeesha Plimps1, Hortense Saxifrage2 and Retired Col Wippo Truslebeam3

1 Department of Archaeology Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2 Battle Field Archaeology, Rothenburg, Germany 

3 Medieval Weaponry Expert from “Past Weapons of Combat” failed history channel pilot episode replaced by more Pawn stars episodes


Direct evidence of the Cano-Lagomorphic Wars (or colloquially known as the “Great Rabbit Wars”) of 863-867AD has long eluded European archaeologists. With a treasure trove of literary evidence and the strong oral record from many southern German towns it is a mystery that there has been little found in the archaeological record. While some have claimed to have finally found battlefield evidence of the climactic battle of Boschdenbosch forest or the Siege of Berplesberg, these claims have been labeled as misattributed at best [1] and fabricated at worst [2]. A team of Cranberry-Lemon unpaid and self-funded interns has carefully excavated such evidence several miles North of the German town of Rothenburg. This paper will show that the written evidence creates a compelling argument for the true location of the famous battles based on some rusty artifacts we found at the sites we believe were likely used by the rabbit army to defeat the defending dog army in the fields of Trouchgordes and the Siege of Burplesberg. 

Keywords: Archaeology, Rabbit Combat, Cano-Lagomorphic Wars, Battlefield Reconstruction, Illuminated Manuscripts 

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