A Meta-Analysis of the Gender Wage Gap in Professional Wrestling

Dr. Rex Kwondo1

1 Department of Applied Gender Studies in Mixed Martial Arts, Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, and part time Taekwondo Instructor


There isn’t an institution that takes gender inequality more seriously than the WWE. Because of the complicated nature of a typical career in professional wrestling, it’s often extremely difficult to even understand where disparities occur. Even measuring the wage gap can be impossibly complex in between the physical athleticism required, the acting acumen, the art of professional wrestling life immersion known as Kayfabe, and even the amount of money spent on elaborate entrances. In this paper, the complicated and often misunderstood factors which predict success in a modern professional wrestling career will be modeled to not only attempt to understand and quantify but fix the gender wage gap in this predominantly male field.  This meta-analysis will incorporate data from American, Mexican, and Japanese Professional Wrestling datasets. By carefully developing our professional wrestling career feature space, our model has determined that we need more data and have no idea how to fix sexism. 

Keywords: Professional Wrestling, WWE, Gender Wage Gap, Data Analysis, pairwise Scatterplot

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