You only use “Relevant” data

fox sticking it s tongue

After going on some extremely weird internet forums inside and outside of 4chan, you find the most desirable sexual characteristics of an adult grown panda and choose only the most important characteristics for a compatible sexual relationship between adult pandas according to someone by the username RedFoxyTop2018. You make the industry standard clustering graph on your massive dataset and begin to see some easily separatable distributions. There’s overlap of your cluster space, but it almost looks like you could explain what each cluster was if you cared enough to meet RedFoxyTop2018 at that Starbucks like they wanted to, and you ask for help after expressing that it was strictly for business only. What do you do?

Try Another Algorithm—seems sketch this unsupervised stuff or this RedFoxyTop guy

Try All the Data! — Let’s just leave this thing totally unsupervised, I don’t think r/PandaLove is a very scientific organization

Try some More Data–We have it, why not use it

Evaluate the results first, maybe it’s good, but should check

Lock it in, Clusters are clustering, you just wana get paid!

Published by B McGraw

B McGraw has lived a long and successful professional life as a software developer and researcher. After completing his BS in spaghetti coding at the department of the dark arts at Cranberry Lemon in 2005 he wasted no time in getting a masters in debugging by print statement in 2008 and obtaining his PhD with research in screwing up repos on Github in 2014. That's when he could finally get paid. In 2018 B McGraw finally made the big step of defaulting on his student loans and began advancing his career by adding his name on other people's research papers after finding one grammatical mistake in the Peer Review process.

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