You stop to eat turkey and it’s a great day

family gathering at festive table

You gave up, and that’s alright, you tried to explain your research a lot. Maybe a little too much but now your family knows that you are smart, passionate and knows a lot about something very complicated that may or may not be able to clone their dog Ruffles.

Would you like to try again? [Spoiler alert there isn’t a way to explain wavelets but you tried extra hard to get to this ending]

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Published by B McGraw

B McGraw has lived a long and successful professional life as a software developer and researcher. After completing his BS in spaghetti coding at the department of the dark arts at Cranberry Lemon in 2005 he wasted no time in getting a masters in debugging by print statement in 2008 and obtaining his PhD with research in screwing up repos on Github in 2014. That's when he could finally get paid. In 2018 B McGraw finally made the big step of defaulting on his student loans and began advancing his career by adding his name on other people's research papers after finding one grammatical mistake in the Peer Review process.

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