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You pore through page after page of stack overflow answers and questions until you find something that feels like it matches your error. It appears to be a result of some strange data structure thingamajig going on in your code you’ve been noticing. You find one post where someone complained three years ago about having exactly your error word for word. It actually has an accepted answer saying that he probably accidentally iterated through a list of arrays referencing some NaN’s where it’s expecting a reference or some nonsense and there’s an easy fix. There’s even a reply ‘Thanks, that was it!’ The database in this legacy code is garbage and was obviously written before Pandas was popular. Looking for a bug in this rats nest is going to be a mess. What do you do?

  1. Look for the type of error shown in the stack overflow
  2. Rewrite the entire database to make it easier on yourself

You additionally find a link to a meme post on r/Programmer Humor.

  1. Go to the meme

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