Proof of the Collatz Conjecture

Dr. Iago de Moor

Adjunct Professor, Department of Linear Machine Learning
Diploma Mhill College, Reno, Nevada, USA


We prove a famous long standing open conjecture in mathematics known as the Collatz conjecture or the Hailstone conjecture or the 3n+1 conjecture or the Syracuse Problem or the Ulam conjecture or Kakutani’s problem or the Thwaites conjecture. The problem is described and more formally known as “a conspiracy to slow down mathematical research in the U.S.” by Kakutani, “an extraordinarily difficult problem, completely out of reach of present day mathematics” according to Jeffrey Lagarias, “The infamous Collatz conjecture” by Terence Tao, and the problem in which “mathematics may not be ready” as stated by Paul Erdős, who offered 500$ for its solution1.

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3 thoughts on “Proof of the Collatz Conjecture

  1. Congratulations! This is really big news, I’ll have to share your work with my department once I can barge into people’s offices. Nobody answers my emails anymore!

  2. I have proofs, of course of recursive nature, for the details you left unproven. So assuming my proofs hold, you have a proof!

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