Book: “Et al.: Because not all research deserves a Nobel Prize”



Et al. is a satirical academic journal that uses machine learning and scientific principles on absurd studies, from the cat Lord Whiskers’ role in the extinction of the dodo bird to hunting and trapping autonomous vehicles.

Key Features

  • A book loathed by ChatGPT
  • Some of the greatest minds in science and technology contributed to other books
  • Forget about quality over quantity; there are 20+ articles in this journal

Book Description

If you’re tired of the same old math, science, statistics, and programming jokes/memes people post online and want something a little more elaborate, this will probably be the book for you. Tremble as we make up all our own data, hand draw diagrams in MS Paint, and quote from even more fictional studies/journals. Cower as authors write in the first person because that study is just a little too personal for them. Flee from the sheer mass of oversimplified methodology distilling someone’s entire thesis into a paragraph of jokes crude enough to make it into a Mike Myers movie.

These papers are high-effort jokes BY researchers and scientists FOR researchers and scientists. My mom also thinks they’re funny. Over the last few years, we have taken arguments that you would normally have after four Jack and cokes at game night and turned them into properly formatted research papers with a writing tone serious enough to confuse the uninitiated. The papers cover a range of topics from the consequences of rereleasing tourists back into Yellowstone after Covid, or how to play StarCraft competitively online on a quantum computer, and, most importantly, how to navigate through a house of mirrors.

What you will learn

  • How to draw a graph using MS Paint, maybe
  • Discover whether Sarah Palin is a figment of your imagination
  • How to escape a house of mirrors
  • Why rabbits used to be jerks
  • If you actually learn anything from these articles, please have your memory erased immediately

Who This Book Is For

This book is for researchers and those who love science and humor. It’s for those who are a little too tired of the talking heads and futurists of the science world and would like some entertaining material about real-world science in the form of absurd speculative research by researchers as unbelievable as the work. Anyone who has experienced academic writing, or the tribulations of any research institution will enjoy the wide range of topics. Even if you don’t know much about a subject, we usually have a background section.

Table of Contents

  1. The Pirate Kitty Theory: How a House Cat Being let out led to the Extinction of the Dodo Bird
  2. COWS all tHE way Down (COWSHED) I: Could cow based planetoids support methane atmospheres?
  3. Ecological Impacts of Re-releasing Tourists into Yellowstone
  4. The Great Rabbit War of 863AD: Myth or Historical Fact?
  5. The Cat Homing Infrared Laser Drone Defense (CHILD) System: A Novel Approach to Suburban Defense
  6. The Sarah Palin Mandela Effect: How America Believes in a Fictional Politician
  7. Utilitarianism, Shame, and Mysticism: Autonomous Vehicle Moral Compass Design and Analysis
  8. Cultural Discoveries from Ancient Assyrian Gilgamesh FanFiction
  9. Adaptive Smart Grids for Migratory Government Drones
  10. Tracking International Terrorism with Mycorrhizal Networks
  11. Markov Models for Ruining your Weekend: A Comparative Study
  12. Novel Techniques for Random Number Generation: Toddler Behavioral Sampling
  13. Computer Vision Object Permanence Detection Algorithm for my Clingy Robot Dog
  14. Flavortown in the Brain: Localizing generators of hedonic food response in the forebrains of foodies

(N.B. Additional chapters to be confirmed upon publication)


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