You start placing table ornaments to represent different prime numbers

roasted turkey on white ceramic plate

You can’t give up, you don’t know why you care so much but you must properly explain your encryption algorithm if it’s going to take all night. Words and lectures might not do it, but a well crafted diagram just might do the trick.

You take an empty plate and start spooning over a healthy dollop of mashed potatoes and stuffing. Next you grab all of the nearby salt and pepper shakers and the gravy boat and begin arranging them all in a particular order.

“Okay, so imagine these here are prime numbers and these here products,” you make sure not to tilt it too far in one direction as some of your prime numbers began spilling off onto the fine dinner cloth. Next you start taking your table ornaments and salt shakers while arranging them around your food prime numbers and products.

“Now imagine if Mrs pepper and Ms. Salt would like to talk to each other without being intercepted by the gravy boat. Now!” You point to a new shape drawn with stuffing with the gravy boat “Imagine that this gravy is checking all of the different combinations of mashed potatoes and stuffing,” you began filling your stuffing encryption keys with pickles while perfectly imagining the algorithmic interaction in your head.

“Do you see it now, we have to figure out the most efficient combination of pickles or turkey to match our key-pairs without the gravy noticing, do ya get it now?”

“Yeah, but I don’t quite get it, how does the gravy know,” your confused mom replied.

“I’m telling you, if this is what I think it means, we can be rich!” Uncle Robert interjected, “The market is begging for a more stable coin and. I think this is the math to do it!”

What do you do?

Try something else

Stop and eat some turkey

The mashed potatoes and stuffing weren’t making an adequate diagram, look for a white board

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