Twitter erupts as many bash Bill Nye’s apology

We all love what Bill Nye is about but he really got himself into some hot water this week. Bill Nye has been in many 90s kids hearts after his wildly successful PBS show and has become the spokesman for science, quite the accomplishment. No one really believes that he meant anything wrong with what he said but his apology last night has made us second guess that. Who would have guessed there would have been controversy over a documentary on climate change and the anti science movement would cause so much trouble for this popular science icon.

Twitter Angry at Bill Nye

When he was called out for offending so many people, Bill Nye did not hesitate to release a tweet apologizing for his mistake. The man we’ve all grown to love for his science based PBS kid show really underestimated how offensive he really was. Focused on combatting the wave of anti-science on facebook, this one really slipped by until our faithful internet pointed out the faux pas.

Twitter Angry at Bill Nye

As you may have noticed, the firestorm of outrage blew up almost immediately. “I understand our mistake. In this very sensitive climate there is nothing we are more concerned about than offensive language which can be weaponized against a marginalized community,” the docu-series producer admitted. “It happens to the best of us and we meant absolutely no offense. We are working on our official apology and will release a statement later today.”

Twitter Angry at Bill Nye
Twitter Angry at Bill Nye Meme

Bill delivered his apology last night over Twitter and Tik Tok. Much of twitter believes that while he was saying all the right things, he didn’t seem very sincere at all. When a few offended athletes described their dissatisfaction with the apology, the rest of twitter followed suit with memes and outcries against the insincere display by the spokesman for science. Some are posting videos of burning Bill Nye the Science guy videos in their online outrage.

Twitter Angry at Bill Nye
Twitter Angry at Bill Nye

We don’t know if this will blow over or if the awfully offensive things he said and his terrible apology will hurt Bill Nye and his science crusade. What we know is that twitter is going crazy! Some are even talking about who will be the new science spokesman, Neil deGrasse Tyson? Miss Frizzle and the magic school buss? The science grandpa from back to the future? We don’t know yet. All we know is that some people are very very angry and offended.

Twitter Angry at Bill Nye

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