7 HOT Photography Drones in 2021 (and no other hidden purposes)

Happy New Year photographers and drone enthusiasts alike! 2020 has been a wild one (especially for us drone operators). We’ve seen drones utilized for quarantine enforcement, journalism/media, and even power grid management. But, we envision 2021 taking the drone community back to it’s most prolific mission, real estate photography. The manufactures are gearing up to release a bunch of new drone models in the next year that will really change the game for both videography and still photos. Check out the 7 hottest models and like/comment which you plan to purchase.

#1 The Bumble Blaster:

How many times have we, drone photographers, been on a job at a wedding or other non-drone centric shoot and thought “man, if only I brought my drone with me, I could get a wonderful aerial shot of the wedding party shotgunning White Claws outside of the venue… if only my 2001 Honda Civic could fit all my equipment, including my drone”? Well, this drone will solve that problem. Beretta has released its first mini-sUAS, the “Bumble Blaster”. This drone has all you can ask for in such a small package. It has a 4k video capable camera with 20Mp and a very precise shutter. It also comes standard with Baretta’s anti-theft technology. Whether you’re at a wedding or your child’s elementary school play, you’ll be ready to go with the Bumble Blaster.

The bumble blaster: a DJI Phantom with a gun

#2 The Incinerator

The key to a good real estate photo shoot is lighting. Photographers and drone operators spend hours planning the lighting conditions based on what Mother Nature can provide. With this next drone, which is already super popular in China, you’ll no longer need to analyze and guess whether weather.com or aviationweather.gov are correct because you become mother nature. The Blazer from Parrot puts lighting and the power of God at your fingertips. Night or day, you can set the right conditions with the M7 flamethrower equipped masterpiece. Plus, if there is ever shrubbery or a neighborhood in the way of a perfect shot, you can take care of it and set the best lighting money can buy.

The Incinerator drone equipped with a flamethrower

#3 The Wasp Sting:

For those who live near the beach and want to get those gorgeous windy palm shots but can’t because of those winds (Catch 22), look no further than DJI’s new “Wasp Sting” drone series. Whether your clients are on the sugar sand beaches of Destin Florida or the Somalian port city of Eyl, this drone has what you need for those high value condo shots. Plus the Wasp Sting comes installed with DJI’s new active failsafe protection feature. If the drone loses link it will fly the most direct path home, avoid obstacles, eliminating any threats in its way, and auto-land. The Wasp Sting also had a swarming feature for the busy drone photographer who has limited time and needs to get multiple shots on the property at once.

The wasp sting: Octocopter drone with a machine gun

#4 The Eagle View:

Ever get into one of those situations where you just want to go after that aerial top view shot but you the house is next to an airport with class B airspace. Then, the neighbors are so annoying that you can’t fly below 700 feet AGL and your only option is to take those real estate photos in Class A airspace. That’s when you realize that none of your drones or cameras can fly above 18,000 feet MSL or can take a nice enough photo from that distance and still get that sweet sweet aerial photography side gig money for your drone business? We’ve all been there and Northrop Grumman is releasing the cutting edge “Eagle View” model photography drone for the professional amateur who wants to fork over the millions of dollars for hardware and satellite link time money to get those perfect Class A airspace shots. This model comes equipped with a long range EO/IR camera of unlisted specifications and a Synthetic Aperture Radar perfect for agriculture and spying on your cheating husband.

The Eagle View: High altitude drone

#5 The Sentinel:

Maybe you don’t want to take the time to get to climb to 18,000 feet and you decide to go the more antagonistic route with that annoying neighbor. There’s nothing that will tell everyone to get out of your wide pan shot more ten tons of remotely piloted double engine Russian attack helicopter. The newer models of this extra sized photography drone come equipped with 4k gimbal stabilized video feeds with plenty of storage for all those priceless moments when the cops or the Mujahideen get involved. Consumer warning! the massive downdraft may not play nice with unpruned front yard trees or saplings.

The sentinel: Russian Attack helicopter reconfigured for real estate photography

#6 The Death Taker:

This one’s a classic that we all remember and have at one point seen at trade shows, owned, or admired. Odds are if you’ve watched a real estate drone video on YouTube, it came from a version of this sUAS. This is ex President Obama’s favorite drone for taking real estate photos in Yemen. In 2021, General Atomics will be releasing the enhanced sensors version of this drone, nicknamed the “Death Taker”, with real estate photography the focus of this release. Like with previous models, you get great battery life, impressive stabilization, and GA’s wonderful customer service. They’ve listened to their photography customers and added great features like “Target Tracking”, “Photo Fire-and-Forget”, and “High Yield Super Sonic Shrapnel Shutter”.

The Death Taker: the most deadly real estate photography drone

#7 The Aurora:

The most exciting photography drone has yet to be announced but Boeing’s Skunk Works has hinted heavily. Held at a secret facility in the California desert (for proprietary reasons and not because the CIA mandated for it for national security) the drone, code name “Aurora” is expected to have an 8k video capable camera, 16G of internal memory, and the most advanced exposure optimization algorithm money can buy. With a very large price tag, this is not your part time photographer drone. As such, Hollywood studios have shown the most interest; who knows, maybe we’ll all be watching Transformers 7 through the eyes of the Aurora. We could not find any leaked photos, but our affiliate “Alien Bob” has managed to get a photos of the secretive hangar the drone prototype is tested in.

The aurora, new Skunk Works Real Estate Photography drone

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Published by S Rohrenjean

S. Rohrenjean is an Aerospace Engineer who has specialized in Canard Aesthetics and Reynolds Determinacy. With essentially a minor in Business Ethics, he began his professional endeavors as an undergrad selling access to his hoard of previous semesters Aero exams. Success came easy as most Aero professors concern themselves with the internal dialog of "why didn't I become a EE?" and "EE isn't real engineering, plasma induced laminar flow will change the world!", and thus never change their exam questions. Now, as an unemployed engineer who can explain in detail every aspect of Kutta condition but can't code "hello world" in anything but Matlab, he is working on the only true career progression of an Aero Engineer, tenure track professor.

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